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Cahir Park A.F.C

Cahir Park Football Club was founded in 1910 where it competed in the second division of the Munster Senior League.  In the 1912-1913 season The Park won the competition with the Hogg Cup and the Tyler Cup.

The Club has played in a number of venues over the years before The Park became our own grounds.  Some of these venues were the Clogheen Road, Grangemore, Townspark and Barrack Street.  Cahir had three clubs in the 1920's, Cahir Park, Cahir United and Cahir Unknowns, with The Park itself playing at senior level.  There is also a picture showing a minor team from 1910 indicating The Park was involving schoolboys' football from its foundation.

The 1920's was Cahir's finest season in football.  Cahir at the time were playing senior and junior football, and from 1927 to 1930 they appeared in four major finals - two at senior level and two at junior level.  Three of the most important matches of the period were the Munster Senior Cup, where The Park played Bohemians in Cork at Victoria Cross in front of a crowd of 6,000, the final score being 2-1 to Bohemians.

The 1929-30 season saw The Park reach the final of the Intermediate Cup where The Park had a famous victory of 4-2 over Glasnevin of Dublin.  The FAI Cup was presented to Cahir in Hearn's Hotel by the Chairman of the Free State Council Mr. B. Johnson.  The Juniors reached the final of the FAI Cup final when they met Richmond United from Dublin at Tolka Park where Cahir lost 3-1.  Less than a month after the FAI Cup final The Park played Bridewell in Victoria Cross, there the final score was 3-1 in favour of Bridewell.

The Park again reached the semi-final of the Munster Junior Cup in 1932 where they were beaten 2-1 by Rockmount and again in 1952 where they were beaten 4-3.

During the 1940's Cahir played in the Munster Senior League from 1948-1950.  During the season 1950-1951 a new club was formed called Cahir Unknowns, and played in the Tipperary League.  The Club was renamed St. Mary's to commemorate the Marian Year.  This name was changed to Cahir Park after a season or two.

During the 1950's the Club played in the Waterford Senior League where they won many league titles.  The 60's brought with it one of the biggest decisions ever made when the pitch was bought from the Land Commission for £480.00 which was a huge sum of money at the time.  The final payment was made on the 16th of January, 1967.

The 60's saw The Park reach the fifth round of the FAI Junior Cup, and the semi-final of the Munster Junior Cup. 

The 70's saw them win the Tipperary League beating Old Bridge 2-1.  In 1971-72 Cahir played the first of its seven years in the Kilkenny League, where they were runners up in 1972-73.  The Park were relegated the following year but came back up as Champions the following season.  The same year the B Team won the Tipperary League, beating Clonmel Hibs. 5-1.  In 1975-76 Cahir lost the title by one point to Evergreen.  In 1978-79 The Park entered the Cork League, but after one season The Park re-entered the Tipperary League where they have played ever since.

In 1979-80 The Park won the Tipperary Cup beating Cashel 2-1, and reached the quarter finals of the Munster Junior Cup.  In 1982-83 The Park were relegated to Division 2 but came up the following season as champions.  In 1984-85 The Park won The Shield Final.  The 80's saw major work carried out in The Park with flood lights being erected on the training pitch, footpaths and hand-rails being laid and erected around the pitch.  The whole surrounding area of the pitch was planted with fast growing trees, extra dressing rooms and showers were also installed around this time.  The pitch was resurfaced, and the entrance cleaned and repainted.  This was a huge undertaking by the Club at this time.

The 90's saw another first achieved by the Club, with the Schoolboys travelling to Scarborough, to play two games against the Club.  During this time, The Park won a Shield and a League trophy.  As The Park headed into the new millenium, it was decided to merge the schoolboys' and junior committee.  One of the first and most ambitious undertakings by the new committee, was the installation of a 50m x 30m all-weather pitch.  The primary objective of the new all-weather pitch was the promotion of the game at under-age level and the development of the Club's juvenile systems.  The pitch was officially opened by former Irish manager, Brian Kerr on 17th of October 2001.  This  represented an investment of over €150,000 in the club's future.  To date, this has proved to be one of the best decisions made by the Club.  In 2002, The Park received funding from the Lottery of €40,000, and had to raise €17,000 of its own money for the next stage of  development, which included a modern drainage system on both its main pitch and training ground; a new stand was also installed and catch netting behind the goal.  The committee felt this work was necessary, as they are now fielding up to ten teams, from under 10's, 11's, 12's, 14's, 16's, 18's, and junior teams.

During this season The Park had one of their best seasons, with the junior team winning the Paddy Purtill Cup, the 16's were runners up in their league, the 14's were league winners and the 12's and 10's were league winners also.  Since the start of the new century The Park has invested in excess of €250,000, in development of the pitch and club.  None of this could have been possible without the tireless and often thankless work put in by many local individuals down through the years, who are too many to name, but to all we give our heartfelt thanks.

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